If your voice starts to tremble, chances are you’ve already lost the sale. Something was off. You weren’t confident in your pitch. You didn’t have enough product knowledge. You weren’t aware of your businesses history, relationships, reputation, etc. Maybe you were trying out a new pitch or launching a new product you weren’t sure about. […]


It’s important to remember that you’re always selling something. This is an automatic process. Whether you’re selling a new idea to your boss, selling a reason you should be hired, or selling your children on going to bed on time, these are things that happen automatically. As soon as it’s clear what outcome we want […]


There are 10 qualities every successful salesperson should have. Asses the list below and see where you could use improvement. Write that quality down somewhere you will see it everyday. Let that quality be your daily goal. After you feel you’ve improved, move to a new one on the list each day and keep growing. […]


Sales is simple.  If you’ve ever had a sales job before then you can probably relate to this situation: It’s your first day on the job. You’re nervous. You want to learn more about the product you’re selling. You haven’t had a chance to shadow people and watch a sale take place. The phone is […]