Sales is simple

If you’ve ever had a sales job before then you can probably relate to this situation:

It’s your first day on the job. You’re nervous. You want to learn more about the product you’re selling. You haven’t had a chance to shadow people and watch a sale take place. The phone is right in front of you, waiting. The leads are in your face. They’ve been used by other sales people. You want to pick up the phone and dial. You want to prove to the person that hired you that you will deliver…but you stall. You’re worried about the recycled leads. There’s a reason new people get the the shitty leads right? You’re worried about your colleagues hearing your pitch. You worry about practically everything.

Then instinct kicks in. You realize you’ve been here before.

You pick up the phone. The first number on your list of leads is disconnected. So is the next one. Eventually you reach someone, excited to start your pitch, but they respond with “I told you guys to stop calling!”. You get discouraged…but you’ve done this. It’s a numbers game, right! You called all your leads. No dice.

You didn’t get a sale because you have the shit leads, right? I mean, they’re recycled – everyone has had their go at them. It’s like that girl from high school that’s been around the block… actually no, not a fair comparison. THESE ARE YOUR PAYCHECK! You’ve seen it before at other sales gigs – there is money on the table!

It’s all very simple. You’ve done sales before, you know how this works. Product knowledge is helpful, fresh leads are always great, but at the end of the day – that phone number is GOLD.

You can over-complicate things. You can sit there and talk yourself out of dialing. You can complain to your boss about the leads. You can complain about nobody picking up the phone. You still won’t make money. It’s not YOU versus THE LEADS… no! At the end of the day always remember:

It’s just YOU versus YOU. 

Remember, when in doubt “KISS“.



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