There are 10 qualities every successful salesperson should have. Asses the list below and see where you could use improvement. Write that quality down somewhere you will see it everyday. Let that quality be your daily goal. After you feel you’ve improved, move to a new one on the list each day and keep growing. Put these on your calendar and have a daily theme on what you will work on. As a professional, it’s your job to keep growing and adding more tools to your arsenal.

  1. Determination / Persistence – How many pitches will you do until you give up?
  2. Authority – Why should someone listen to you?
  3. Reciprocity – Are you giving anything of value to receive the business you want?
  4. Trust – Can you be trusted to deliver?
  5. Anticipation – Why should someone act now?
  6. Likability – Does your prospect like you and your product?
  7. Ritual – What are you doing daily to better yourself in sales?
  8. Community – How are your sales benefiting those around you?
  9. Scarcity – Will you let the client “think about it” and play follow-up game?
  10. Social Proof – Can you demonstrate how others benefited from what you’re selling?

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