If your voice starts to tremble, chances are you’ve already lost the sale. Something was off. You weren’t confident in your pitch. You didn’t have enough product knowledge. You weren’t aware of your businesses history, relationships, reputation, etc. Maybe you were trying out a new pitch or launching a new product you weren’t sure about.

If you’re an amateur salesman this is perfectly acceptable. If you’re a professional salesman, it’s time to check your ego and realize you aren’t in the big leagues yet.

Someone who trembles in their pitch only does so from weakness. We’re in the business of selling. Where we have to take control of a conversation and drive the emotional roller coaster peak and valley through the entire process. Whether it be a 20 minute phone call or years long endeavor – you have to prepare.

Trembling means you screwed up somewhere where preparation meets opportunity. You had the opportunity but weren’t prepared. You had that moment; your last new lead, your big whale, the one investor out of 100 to take your call – and you just blew it. It’s the worst feeling because you know when it’s happening. And you know holding on to hope for the follow-up being answered feels pointless (no it’s not ). I’ve been there thousands of times.

One way of knowing you’ve become a professional is when those cringe moments that make you feel less of a person no longer affect you. Because they don’t happen!

If you know enough about your product, business, clients, strategic relationships, and your company’s reputation you won’t tremble. You won’t show any weakness because there isn’t anymore weakness in your pitch. It’s gone. Dead. No prospect can throw you a curve ball because you’ve heard them all. You’ve got rebuttals for 1000s of pitches. New pitch making you nervous? You should know better than trying a new pitch on a client that matters enough to risk it on. Save them for the follow ups and the flakes. Keep pitching and stay confident in yourself and your sales. If you’re reading this it’s because you’re a professional or on the road to it. No middle ground. Both constantly strive to learn more and better their sales game. Practice makes perfect. Repetition is the God of success. Make sure you have fate in the process and belief in your hard work.


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